X, Y and Z

"X" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations

X-1-10 Exciting

X Kiss

X! A typical woman

XD Hearty Laugh

XME Excuse Me

XOXOXO Hugs & Kisses

XLNT Excellent

XLR8 Faster

XYZ Examine your zipper

"Y" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations

Y? Why?

Y Yawn

Y2K You're too kind

YA Your

YAA Yet another acronym

YABA Yet another bloody acronym

YARLY Ya, really?

YBIC Your brother in Christ

YBS You'll be sorry

YCDBWYCID You can't do business when your computer is down

YCHT You can have them

YCLIU You can look it up

YCMU You crack me up

YF Wife

YG Young gentleman

YGTBKM You've got to be kidding me

YGG You go girl

YHBT You have been trolled

YHBW You have been warned

YHL You have lost

YIU Yes, I understand

YKW You know what

YKWYCD You know what you can do

YL Young lady

YMMV Your mileage may vary

YNK You never know

YR Your

YR Yeah right

YRYOCC You're running your own cuckoo clock

YSIC Your sister in Christ

YSYD Yeah sure you do

YT You there?

YTB You're the best

YTB Youth talk back

YTTL You take too long

YTG You're the greatest

YW You're welcome

YWHNB Yes, we have no bananas

YWHOL Woohoo out loud

YWSYLS You win some, you lose some

YYSSW Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

"Z" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations

Z Zero

Z Z's are calling

Z Said

Z% Zoo

ZH Sleeping Hour

ZOMG Oh My God (Warcraft)

ZOT Zero tolerance

ZUP What's up?

ZZZZ Sleeping or bored

    Just a reminder: To keep it family friendly, some swear words in the definitions have been changed slightly with the * symbol replacing certain letters, or in the case of (arse), we all know what word that replaces, right? ;-)

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