P, Q and R

"P" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations
P Partner
P2P Parent to parent
P2P Peer to peer
P2P Pay to play
P911 Parents coming into room alert
PAW Parents are watching
PBOOK Phonebook
PC Player character
PCM Please call me
PDA Personal display (of) affection
PDH Pretty darn happy
PDS Please don't shoot
PDQ Pretty darn quick
PEEPS People
PFT Pretty f**king tight
PIC Picture
PIP Peeing in pants laughing
PIR Parents in room
PISS Put in some sugar
PITA Pain in the arse
PKMN Pokemon
PL8 Plate
PLD Played
PLMK Please let me know
PLS Please
PLU People like us
PLZ Please
PLZTLME Please tell me
PM Private Message
PMFI Pardon me for interrupting
PMFJI Pardon me for jumping in
PMSL Pee myself laughing
POAHF Put on a happy face
POS Parent over shoulder
POV Point of view
POV Privately owned vehicle
PPL People
PPU Pending pick-up
PROLLY Probably
PROGGY Meaning computer program
PRON Meaning pornography
PRT Party
PRT Please Retweet
PRW People/parents are watching
PSOS Parent standing over shoulder
PSP Playstation Portable
PST Please send tell
PTIYPASI Put that in your pipe and smoke it
PTL Praise the Lord
PTMM Please tell me more
PUG Pick up group
PWN Meaning "own"
PXT Please explain that
PU That stinks!
PUKS Pick up kids
PYT Pretty young thing
PZ Peace
PZA Pizza

"Q" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations
Q Queue
QFE Question for everyone
QFI Quoted for idiocy
QFI Quoted for irony
QIK Quick
QL Quit laughing
QQ Crying eyes
QQ Quick question
QSL Reply
QSO Conversation
QT Cutie
QTPI Cutie pie

"R" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations
R8 Rate (SMS)
RBAY Right back at you
RFN Right f**cking now
RHIP Rank has its privileges
RIP Rest in peace
RL Real life
RLY Really
RME Rolling my eyes
RMLB Read my lips baby
RMMM Read my mail man
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLCOPTER Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around
ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor, laughing my arse off
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLUTS Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
RS Runescape
RSN Real soon now
RT Roger that
RT Retweet
RTBS Reason to be single
RTMS Read the manual, stupid
RTNTN Retention
RTRCTV Retroactive
RTRMT Retirement
RTSM Read the stupid manual
RU Are you?
RUMOF Are you male or female?
RUT Are u (you) there?
RUOK Are you okay?
RX Regards
RW Real world
RX Meaning drugs or prescriptions
RYB Read your Bible
RYO Roll your own
RYS Read your screen
RYS Are you single?

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