L, M, N and O

"L" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations
L2G Like to go?
L2G (would) Love to go
L2K Like to come
l33t Leet, meaning 'elite'
L8R Later
L8RG8R Later, gator
LBAY Laughing back at you
LD Later, dude
LD Long distance
LDO Like, duh obviously
LEMENO Let me know
LERK Leaving easy reach of keyboard
LFD Left for day
LFG Looking for group
LFM Looking for more
LGH Lets get high
LH6 Lets have sex
LHSX Lets have sex
LHM Lord help me
LHO Laughing head off
LI LinkedIn
LIC Like I care
LIK Meaning liquor
LIMT Laugh in my tummy
LLGB Love, later, God bless
LLS Laughing like s**t
LMAO Laughing my arse off
LMBO Laughing my butt off
LMFAO Laughing my friggin arse off
LMIRL Lets meet in real life
LMK Let me know
LMMFAO Laughing my mother freaking arse off
LMNK Leave my name out
LNT Meaning lost in translation
LOA List of acronyms
LOL Laughing out loud
LOL Laugh out loud
LOL Lots of love
LOLH Laughing out loud hysterically
LOLO Lots of love
LOLWTF Laughing out loud & "What the f**k?"
LOTI Laughing on the inside
LOTR Lord of The Rings
LQTM Laughing quietly to myself
LSHMBH Laugh so hard my belly hurts
LSV Language, sex and violence
LTD Living the dream
LTLWDLS Let's twist like we did last summer
LTNS Long time no see
LTS Laughing to self
LULT Love you long time
LULZ Another word for LOL
LVM Left voice mail
LWOS Laughing without smiling
LY Love ya
LYLAS Love you like a sis
LYLC Love you like crazy
LYSM Love you so much

"M" Text Messages - Chat Abbreviations
M$ Microsoft
M8 Mate
MB Mamma's boy
MBS Mom behind shoulder
MC Merry Christmas
MDIAC My Dad is a cop
MEGO My eyes glaze over
MEH Shrugging shoulders or so-so
MEHH Sigh/Sighing
MEZ Mesmerized
MFI Mad for it
MGB May God bless
MGMT Management
MIRL Meet in real life
MKAY Meaning "Mmm, okay"
MLM Middle finger
MMK Okay?
MNC Mother nature calls
MNSG Mensaje (Spanish word for message)
MorF Male or female?
MOMBOY Mamma's boy
MOO My own opinion
MOOS Member of the opposite sex
MOS Mother over shoulder
MOSS Member of same sex
MRT Modified ReTweet
MSG Message
MTF More to follow
MTFBWU May the force be with you
MU Miss you
MUAH Multiple unsuccessful attempts humor
MUSM Miss you so much
MWAH Sound of sending a kiss
MYO Mind your own
MYOB Mind your own business

"N" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations
n00b Newbie
N1 Nice one
N2M Nothing too much
NADT Not a darn thing
NALOPKT Not a lot of people know that
NANA Not now, no need
NBD No big deal
NBFAB No bad for a beginner
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
NFM Not for me
NFS Need for Speed
NFS Not for sale
NFW No f**king way
NFW Not for work
NFWS Not for work safe
NH Nice hand
NIFOC Naked in front of computer
NIGI Now I get it
NIMBY Not in my back yard
NIROK Not in reach of keyboard
NLT No later than
NM Nothing much
NM Never mind
NM Nice meld
NMH Not much here
NMJC Nothing much, just chilling
NMU Not much, you?
NO1 No one
NOOB Meaning someone who is bad at (online) games
NOWL Meaning "knowledge"
NOYB None of your business
NP No problem
NQT Newly qualified teacher
NR Nice roll
NRN No response/reply necessary
NSA No strings attached
NSFW Not safe for work
NSISR Not sure if spelled right
NT Nice try
NTHING Nothing (SMS)
NTS Note to self
NVM Never mind
NVR Never
NW No way
NWO No way out

"O" Text Message - Chat Abbreviations
O4U Only for you
O Opponent (Game term)
O Meaning "hugs"
O Over
OA Online auctions
OATUS On a totally unrelated subject
OB Oh baby
OB Oh brother
OH Overheard
OI Operator indisposed
OIB Oh I'm back
OIC Oh I see
OJ Only joking
OL Old lady
OLL Online love
OM Old man
OM Oh my!
OMAA Oh, my aching arse
OMDB Over my dead body
OMFG Oh my f**king Gosh
OMG Oh my God/Gosh
OMGYG2BK Oh my God/Gosh, you got to be kidding
OMW On my way
ONL Online
OO Over and out
OOC Out of character
OOH Out of here
OOTD One of these days
OOTO Out of the office
OP On phone
ORLY Oh really?
OT Off topic
OTB Off to bed
OTFL On the floor laughing
OTL Out to lunch
OTOH On the other hand
OTP On the phone
OTT Over the top
OTTOMH Off the top of my head
OTW Off to work
OVA Over
OYO On your own


  1. i got a text message like this . O,l pl v fee, :) Moty Nj Rt ggo. i have no idea what it means . can anyone help me out ? appreciate it .

    1. Reply to this person and tell them to spell things out or unfriend them is my advise.